One year down the road of being president of America Mr. Trump keeps on ignoring advice of professionals around him to keep his thoughts to himself and or zip it, and oddly enough even he does listen and but cannot resist the urge and starts tweeting. Just last week Trump landed free publicity to fringe Christian white supremacists who can see nothing besides a war with Islam.

Now really how stupid can it get, that people like Jayda Fransen, a 31 year old deputy leader of ‘Britain first’, a fringe group that insists that white Christian civilization is under threat from Muslims, who received little attention at hence got an unexpected publicity promotion from President Trump, who recirculated three totally misleading videos Ms. Fransen had posted on Twitter that purported to show Muslims engaged in violence.

Few hours later, Mr. Fransen thanked President Trump and stated, “You’ve shed light on my plight in Britain, in that I am facing prison for giving a speech in which l criticize Islam. “She wrote, this is evidence that Britain has become Sharia-compliant”. British Prime Minister and lawmakers from across the board state that Trump had given platform to a hate groups, one so extreme that it had been shunned by even other for-right organizations and even the law enforcers had taken notice as Ms. Fransen is basically what is termed as Neo-Nazi party leader.

Britain First emerged in 2011 as an offshoot of the far-right British National Party, and is best known for confrontational taches that have left authorities at unease and aghast. For it has advocated invasion of mosques and is seen as Pseudo-Para military group. They have got what they crave for, which is global media attention. Prime Minister May through her spokesperson said, “British First seeks to divide communities by their use of hateful narratives that peddle lies and stoke tensions”. British Foreign secretary called it “a divisive hateful group whose views are not in line with our values”.

Same lawmakers from labour party went as far as to demand rescinding an invitation to Trump to pay a state visit to Britain. One lawmaker, Chuka Umunna wrote on twitter, “The US President is normalizing hatred”.

In 2015, the Police in Bedfordshire, obtained an injunction barring Ms. Fransen and the group’s leader, Paul Golding, from entering any mosque or Islamic center in England and Wales without an invitation.

The Judge, Justice Robin Knowles of High Court, also prohibited them from publishing or distributing material likely to stir racial hatred, and from using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior. Though he turned down to bar Mr. Golding and Ms. Fransen from entering the town of Luton for anti-Muslim march, as the Police had requested. Ms. Fransen however, last year returned to Luton for a so-called Christian patrol, who distributed mock newspaper with the headline “World War Three Has Begun-Islam Against the World”.

In a confrontation the group recorded on video, Ms. Fransen hurled abuse and waved a cross at a woman in Hijab. She was convicted of “religiously aggravated harassment” and fined 2000 pounds. She was charged with “using threatening, abusive, insulting words of behavior” and is due in court in Belfast on Dec-14 according to London Police.

A failed politician, ran for European Parliament in 2014 and for London assembly in 2016 without success. Britain First has never came close to electing a member of Parliament. Trump has stepped in support of her and might just ensure her being fired, as all else around him, except himself so far.

President Trump has set off an international outrage by sharing on Twitter the three in series of videos showcasing to depict Muslims in negative light. The videos, taken in three countries at different times, have one thing in common, which show violence carried out by Muslims and offer no clear explanation of what is happening in them. Which are now proven to misrepresent the facts and lack context.

The big question is why did President Trump, who is now almost proven as an epic failure in the first year of Presidency caused the moral authority left after George Bush Jr to go down the drain. Really feel sad for the most hybrid state as USA to have to suffer such body blows by a 70 + year old brat, who is now an American Albatross.

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