No Thinking


Hopefully before it’s too late, we shall wonder, “what were we thinking”, for whatever could go wrong, has gone wrong and the sinking feelings continue and we keep sinking as if not have touched rock bottom. How can hope make a comeback in our lives, for we are so skeptical about whatever is claimed to be done in our names. No one trust anyone but cash or Quaid-e-Azam.

Do we have a civil society, for its not even a small, just a whole lot of humanity oppressed and totally numbed out, with no one even bothering to complain, for maybe no one wants to stand out Look at what the sounds are coming of the idiot box and or thought leaders? Seems as if nothing does matter to those at the helm of affairs, for they go on their expensive ways at the cost of the public.

The discussion in the parliament is whether the judiciary or armed forces should be included in the list of those who are to be also mis-tried, persecuted or victimized, for who does not know that the biggest of all thieves and thugs have the state controls. They have emptied our treasury and piled mountains of debt, internal and worst of all external. Our economy has been run down and functioning as a very low end one, necessitating low end representations and leadership.

What have we been thinking and doing about it? wake up, curse the system, then be part of it, by not standing against it, go about it all as if we are not collectively responsible. Public servants in different uniforms, garbs and decorum go on doing everything, but their jobs. Look at the mighty Supreme Court Justices do nothing at all, as their verdict (unanimous) watched NAB show them the middle finger and or its hand.

For as per its draconian nature, NAB ordinance has no provision for bail for all the other accused, taken into custody before the Don family, first got its hand-picked worst of all baboos, ex-chairman NAB to stall till the last day given to it to file defective and incomplete as per its law and references. As if the crimes of the 30 years of misrule of brother Dons are simply limited to having a few luxury apartments in London, which many know were bought by don with funds received from Osama Bin Laden in early 90ies. Don rallying cry is why has he been shown the door, as none of this major crimes and betrayals bordering treasonous acts do not even figure in the eyes of the law.

Don says he owns all the officialdom in high positions, who would disagree, as look at how he was shown the door, but his grip on the state still exists, brother who has more blood than count Dracula is still at the helm of affairs. Don can hire the best of all lobbyists, make unholy deals with the sworn enemies, ridicule all institutional heads not willing to play his sinister games.

To sound bitter or blue is for not being able to make any sense of those, who are acting not in their personal basis, but are paid by the blood and toil of the workers, who keep the merry go round for them. Look at their styles, pomp and slow. Whereas the common man cannot even survive the diabolic rein of wealth starved morons, acting as leaders of thought and the asleep voters and non-voters. They have failed to provide basics, cannot even gather what is due to the state, as they go enriching themselves and parking their I’ll begotten wealth abroad and live here as Rasputin let loose to wreak havoc all around.

Is there a storm rising, the skies seem clear and it only comes for those who have the audacity to differ or oppose the rulers politically or commercially? Its interesting an exercise to simulate the after math of the rising storm. Will the elite syndrome continue or all of it perish in one single day as the sleeping Pakistani nahess rises up and says no more to your crap? Dislodge each and every thief roaming around as public servants. Will they not right after taking charge of their destinies not ask, “what were we thinking”? maybe just like Mamnoon Hussain, all stopped thinking. While our proverbial ship is seen to be sinking under the thunder of apathy and rhetoric.

Is it possible that state of affairs remains the same, our judges wakeup once a while in years and remain chained in past bad verdicts and decisions? Our Armed Forces carry forward the dysfunctional systems introduced by a neither here or there general, who was though totally unqualified in his own words by Don, thinking that he would be compliant and play along. Unfortunately, with all of don “know-it-allness” and ‘1ness’ he did not factor in the artillery cum commando mix and tasted the combo. However, that time he did not say “why thrown me out”.

Even though all seems going and gone south, Pakistan has the human and natural resources endowed upon us like, maybe no other state and trust me, needs just a few days of no thinking, but doing nothing else but to not sit down till the rule of divine laws, which we are all sworn to uphold, especially public servants are made to come under the rule of law and not remain on top of it. We can settle our debts and move forward at a pace, which can astound the world. For all we need is to let no one, judges, politicians, servants and business man to operate above the law. BPakistani.

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