Be Pakistani


What does it mean to ‘Be Pakistani’? To me for one it means to be pure, be loving, be united, be disciplined, be faithful, be good, be straight, be kind, be honest, be human, be caring, be devoted, be knowledge, be calm, be solid……be respectful, be humble.

However, Be is created for as a tribute to all citizens of Pakistan to join his forum, work together to find solutions for our peoples and go out and serve all those in need. Even these who are satisfied with the state of our affairs may join this forum to put forward their view points and positions so as to make our nation stand fall in the comity of nations.

That is possible only if we all take our responsibility seriously and rally around what can unite us all to come together and rebuild our great country as our founding fathers wanted it rather than what our detractors have made us to become.

Be Pakistani means to inculcate the spirit of truly rising to our true potential. Its well known that our peoples have excelled in all walks of life and that this platform is available to all who want to make a difference. Be sure we can make and effect change. For so much needs to change and the task ahead is monumental.