We are the most blessed of all nation states

We are the most blessed of all nation states. Richly endowed with great human and natural resource. Unfortunately, our peoples kept busy in survival mode were robbed and repeatedly raped in broad daylight by the elites.

Twice the size of our GDP is stolen and stashed abroad. Must be more but this is BPakistani considered opinion based on the last 4 decades of misrule and theft. So, with our GDP stated to be around 300 billion dollars. Means at least 600 billion stashed abroad and here unlawfully. This is our people’s wealth stolen from them under the pretense of doing service to it.

BPakistani wants and demands and has been crying out loud that what we need desperately is that no one is allowed to operate above the law. Theft, corruption, favoritism, nepotism in state visible practice has to stop.

Political will is our need to get out of the great mess created by the dysfunctional state of the past.

We are a very insanely rich country. Past stewards and ushering public officials have created the current conditions. This has to change and change it will for this is the will of our peoples.

We have now a headstrong leader and the most disgraceful of all Dons is imprisoned for theft. What a change.
Be a part of this change to effect change with all that you do. Be a change agent. Start acting as the owner.

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