Proud Pakistani women

Women play a very critical role in society, and their role is needed to be properly recognized and appreciated. We tend to believe that females are the home minister and custodian of the house affairs. However, there are certain cases where Pakistani women have set glowing examples in academic, social, and professional life. It shows that they are not less than anyone and if given opportunity, can achieve stunning results in all spheres of life.

In the following, we are listing 5 Pakistani females who have made us proud recently and earned goodwill for the country.

Maryam Atta Malik:

Maryam-Atta-MalikMaryam Atta Malik is another bright Pakistani student of law who topped the bar across Common Wealth. She not only obtained barrister-at-law but also earned Lincolns Inn’s Joan Denning Prize for topping the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) across the Commonwealth. The Joan Denning Prize is awarded to a student who performs outstandingly in the exceptionally demanding BPTC.

She attributes her success to parents, tutors, and friends. However, we must acknowledge her hard work and dedication that have played a crucial role in earning such an outstanding result.



Minhal Sohail:

Minhal-SohailMinhal Sohail is a Pakistani sports shooter. The 21-year-old became the first Pakistani female shooter to compete at Olympics 2016 and represent the country. Though she could not win (obtained 28th position in the 10m air rifle event) but has made us proud by qualifying for the Rio Games 2016.

Minhal started her career in 2012, has participated in various global and local events and worldwide and won many awards. Earlier this year, she won the 10m Air Rifle event at the National Shooting Championship held at the PNS Karsaz.



Ikra Saleem Khan:

Ikra-Saleem-KhanIkra Saleem is a bright Pakistani student who secured the first position at the University of London LLB examinations. She has obtained the highest aggregate marks this year. Accordingly, to the University of London’s website: “We have nine first-class awards this year. In terms of countries, Malaysia and Pakistan are joint equal; each has three firsts.  Regarding individual students, Pakistan comes top; Ikra Saleem Khan has the highest aggregate marks this year”.

It’s worth mentioning that two other Pakistani students, Rubab Tariq Khan and Muhammad Kazim have also earned a first class degree from the same university becoming part of 9 students from around the globe who passed with distinction.


Sandhya Karamat Barlaas:


A resident of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) has recently made news by securing the highest marks in the A-Levels and O-Levels English examination in Pakistan despite being self-schooled. Despite lack of formal education, she received the Cambridge University Outstanding Learner Award in English Language for getting the highest marks in Pakistan and also secured grades of A* (distinction) in English language, A*(distinction) English literature, A in Mathematics, and A* (distinction) in Chemistry, A* (distinction) Physics, A* (distinction) in Mathematics, in her A-Levels and O-Levels exams, respectively.

Interestingly, she is not the only person in her house who never attended any formal educational institution. Home-schooling runs in their family with none of her siblings (she has 3 brothers) obtained formal tutoring. One of her brothers is in Germany for higher studies while other 2 are also abroad.




Samar Khan:


Samar Khan is a Pakistani cyclist who became the first woman in the world to ride a cycle on 4,500 meters high Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram range. Hailing from Lower Dir, KPK; Samar has a Master’s degree in Physics from Federal Urdu University, Islamabad and is a professional trekker and certified paraglider.

Samar Khan is an exceptional example for our girls to follow. She is not only the national record holder of cycling over 4,693 meters by covering 1000km towards Khunjerab but also a member of National Youth Assembly and a social activist. She is a TEDx Speaker 2016, a blogger and brand ambassador of “Ladies of Pakistan”.



Proud Pakistani women

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